Our Shampoo bar collection

You can choose from our Everyday Shampoo Bars or our Hydrate Shampoo bars. They are all naturally scented with essential oils. We also have Conditoner bars to accompany our Shampoo bar range.

Experience everything from bottle shampoo but in bar form - saving you money and the environment from plastic waste. Our Shampoo bars are a great alternative from liquid shampoos, and will provide all the benefits and more compared to your current shampoos.

Our shampoo bars are pH balanced meaning its 100% Soap Free, leaving no waxy residue or the need for a transition period. Your hair is left cleaner for longer, moisturised and healthier. You will notice it from the first wash after using our shampoo bar. 

1 shampoo bar replaces 2 to 3 plastic bottles.

Our shampoo bars are made in small batches, giving care and quality to each and every shampoo bar. Carefully thought out formula containing Wheat Protein and Vitamin Pro-B5. Wheat protein is used to support healthier hair making strands shinier and easier to style. Whilst Vitamin Pro-B5 keeps hair and skin smooth and soft.

Suitable for hard water areas these shampoo bars will still bubble and lather amazingly well.

All our shampoo bars come in 2 sizes, a generous 60g and 90g. 

Life Span: 60g shampoo bar will last approx 40-50 washes

90g shampoo bar approx 70-80 washes

Our Shampoo Bars are assessed by a qualified cosmetic safety assessor.

A collection of 90g shampoo bars in different colours and scents

Everyday Shampoo bar

Our best selling shampoo bars suitable for everyday use are naturally scented with essential oil, each providing its own benefits to hair and skin. Each shampoo bar is formulated with hydrating properties, wheat protein and Vitamin Pro-B5. These shampoo bars are gentle to your hair, skin and scalp.

Hydration shampoo bars sitting on a shiny colourful surface. Pink flowers used as decorations on top of the lavender shampoo bar

Hydrate Shampoo bar

Our Hydrate Shampoo bars are infused with higher concentration amounts of conditioning and includes Shea Butter. This shampoo bar is enough to use alone without a conditioner. Vitamin Pro-B5 is always included in our Shampoo bars to keep your hair and skin smooth, soft and healthy.

Shampoo bar variant / Essential Oils

All our shampoo bars come in 6 amazing variants which are naturally scented with essential oil. Each essential oil provides its own benefits to hair and skin, and is a great additional to our shampoo bars. There are NO chemically manufactured perfume in our shampoo bars

Sweet orange - Known to soothe itchy scalp and skin. With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil will help with damaged skin or scalp, reducing the need to touch your head.

Lemon- Known for its clean citrus scent this essential oil balances out the scalps sebum production and cuts grease. A brilliant bar for oily hair. 

Peppermint- Another great oil for reducing oily hair, it increases circulation overall improving hair growth. With an added bonus of a nice cooling effect.

Lavender- Moisturises dry scalp and increases circulation. Protects and improves hair whilst providing a calming experience.

Eucalyptus- Improves hair health by promoting hair growth and relieving itchy scalps.

Tea Tree- Improves circulation allowing nutrients to reach hair follicles, balancing the pH level of the scalp - stimulating hair growth. Soothes itchiness and reduces dandruff and flaking. Also reduces excess oil production.

How to use a shampoo bar

Make sure hair is wet and rub a wet shampoo bar directly over your hair creating the amount of lather you require. Massage all the way around and into the scalp.

Same applies to conditioner bars. Except conditioner bars do not create a lather, but a nice silky smooth like cream.

We have a small blog on how to use a shampoo bar.

How to store a shampoo bar

Keep them away from running water to prolong life. Put aside preferably on a soap rack and allow to air dry. Unopened shampoo bars should be stored away in a dark and cool area away from humidity. 

Ingredients of our shampoo bars

Our shampoo bars are pH balanced, meaning it is 100% Soap free. Shampoo bars does not leave any waxy residue or the need for a transition period.

Our Everyday shampoo bar contains Wheat Protein and Vitamin Pro-B5. Wheat protein is used to support healthier hair making strands shinier and easier to style. Whilst Pro-B5 keeps hair and skin smooth and soft.

Our Hydrate shampoo bar contains additional conditioning, shea butter and Vitamin Pro-B5. 

And of course each shampoo bar is naturally scented with essential oil. 

Shampoo bars are great for..

Travel. We have 2 standard sizes of shampoo bars, 60g and a 90g bar. They are extremely light to take with you on your travels without all the extra water and plastic weighing you down.

A shampoo bar in your gym bag is a great companion too, as shampoo bars can double up as a body bar. 

Switching to a shampoo bar is a sustainable option too.

Gift sets

Looking for the perfect gift bundle? Carefully put together includes collaborating with local businesses for the ideal self-care relaxation. 

Gift boxes are decorated with eco-friendly washi tape, easily removable allowing reuse of the box.

Set includes:

- Turmeric & Orange Soap 120g

- 90g Everyday Shampoo bar

- 48g Matching conditioner bar

- Set of 3 reusable pads 

- Candle

- Gift Bag

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    Shampoo bar versus Soap

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    Shea butter shampoo bar

    Why do we include Shea butter in our Hydrate Shampoo bar?

    We chose to use Shea butter in our Hydrate Shampoo Bars (Shampoo for Dry Hair) and conditioner bars as it’s a natural conditioning agent. Our Everyday shampoo bars contains conditioning ingredients already but we wanted to develop a bar specifically for dry hair.

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  • Everyday Shampoo Bar with Wheat protein

    It is found in a range of products due to its ability to strengthen hair. Wheat proteins are useful for dry, curly and damaged hair as it helps retain moisture and creates volume. Brilliant ingredient in promoting hair health!

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Video - How to use our shampoo bar

  • Debbie

    The hydrating shampoo bar is a game-changer for shampoo bars! It's lathers so much more than normal shampoos, and lots of other bars left my hair greasy or dry but this is just amazing.


  • Caroline

    Just received and use my shampoo bar... Tea tree and charcoal.... Love it... My hair feels so clean, fresh and soft! Thank you so much


  • Faye

    The shampoo bar lathers up nicely even though we have hard water. It leaves my hair feeling really clean