About Us || The story behind Washla

Hi, I'm Elaine and I run a small business based in Kent, producing and selling handmade eco-friendly Shampoo & Conditioner bars. My aim is to be able to play a part in reducing plastic and waste from our planet.

After watching the BBC documentary "War on Plastic", highlighting how much plastic each household produces, it comes to no surprise the bathroom and kitchen produces the most plastic waste. Almost everything we use comes in plastic.

The effort to “go green” has been felt across the world and even companies are realising how their operation impacts the environment.

We decided to make a change for ourselves, tweaking more things at home to create a more sustainable lifestyle. We decided to play around making soap. This was quite successful and we managed to avoid having to buy a single bottle of shower gel and hand-wash for a year!

Next we decided on how to make our own shampoo, we experimented for months before coming up with the perfect recipe, this was not as simple as making soap. Trialling it on ourselves, we found this to be perfect for what a shampoo should do.

Taking it to the next level….Over the last 13 years, I’ve been mum first whilst doing part-time work for the NHS. I thought this is probably the right time to give it a go, why not start my own business and sell these shampoo bars? It’s fun, it's meaningful as we will be part of a community that helps reduce plastic waste. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to speed things up and get things going.

August 2020, we launched Washla!

All our shampoos have been safety assessed by a Chartered Chemist for your confidence to buy products that are safe and of the finest quality. 


My Mission Statement

Our focus is to create an eco-friendly sustainable product. This provides a large impact by helping you to reduce plastic waste and giving our planet a fighting chance for the future generation.

Producing one quality product as to making many allows us to specialise and understand more about what our customers need.

Shampoo bars are for everyone. An essential product used by the mass population, its one of the many areas we can look at into finding alternative packaging and cutting carbon footprint.

By switching from bottle to Washla shampoo bars; you will be reducing your plastic waste, saving money long term and knowing exactly where your product comes from.

As the sole person that represents Washla you’ll receive a more personal service and know who you’re dealing with at all times.

Elaine x
Elaine holding a tea tree shampoo bar and a lemon shampoo bar