About Us || The story behind Washla

Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'm the proud owner of a small business based in Kent that produces and sells handmade eco-friendly Shampoo & Conditioner bars. As a business, our mission is to reduce plastic and waste from our planet while also promoting sustainable living.

The documentary "War on Plastic" inspired us to take action after seeing how much plastic waste households produce. It's shocking to think that almost everything we use comes in plastic, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. We believe it's important to do our part and make a change for the better.

We started by making soap at home, which was successful in helping us avoid buying single-use bottles of shower gel and hand wash for an entire year! Next, we experimented for months to create the perfect recipe for our own shampoo bars. We tested it on ourselves and found it to be an excellent alternative to traditional shampoo.

Taking things to the next level, I decided to start my own business and sell these shampoo bars after 13 years of working part-time for the NHS and being a full-time mum. It's a fun and meaningful venture, and it allows us to be part of a community that helps reduce plastic waste. Thanks to the lockdown, we had the opportunity to speed things up and launch Washla in August 2020!

As a business, I am committed to promoting sustainable living, and our handmade eco-friendly shampoo bars are an excellent way to reduce plastic and waste in your daily routine.

Thank you for choosing Washla!

Elaine holding a tea tree shampoo bar and a lemon shampoo bar

My Mission Statement

At Washla, we're on a mission to create eco-friendly and sustainable shampoo bars that make a big impact. By reducing plastic waste, we're giving our planet a fighting chance for future generations.

Our commitment to producing a selected few quality products allows us to specialise and better understand the needs of our customers. We believe that shampoo bars are for everyone, and by offering this essential product, we can help find alternative packaging solutions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Switching to Washla shampoo bars not only reduces your plastic waste but also saves you money in the long term while giving you peace of mind about the origin of your product. Plus, as the sole representative of Washla, you'll receive personalised service and know exactly who you're dealing with at all times.

Join us on our mission towards a more sustainable future with Washla shampoo bars.

Elaine x

All our shampoos have been safety assessed by a Chartered Chemist for your confidence to buy products that are safe and of the finest quality.