Washla Conditioner Bars

Loaded with essential oils, our conditioner bars offer a variety of scents for a customised fragrance experience. Our creamy conditioner bars are gentle, extremely moisturising, and made without harmful chemicals.

Conditioner bars are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional conditional bottles, providing more conditioning while being sustainable and gentler to our environment. Conditioner bars are made almost with the same ingredients as the liquid condition you find in a bottle, however without the extra water, weight and plastic.

Our gentle conditioner bar is made with a combination of hair-nourishing ingredients. Each of our conditioner bars contains Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Protein, and Vitamin Pro B5. The combination of these active ingredients reduces hair breakages, split ends, frizziness, and friction. Allowing a smoother brushing and styling experience. 

Washla Conditioner bars are 100% soap-free, leaving no waxy residue or the need for a transition period. Your hair is left moisturised, silky soft, and healthier. You will notice it from the first use after using our conditioner bar.

1 conditioner bar replaces 2 to 3 plastic bottles.

Our unique conditioner bars are handcrafted in small batches for extreme quality and care.

All our conditioner bars come in a generous 60g  

Life Span: 60g conditioner bar will last approx 80 washes.

Our Conditioner Bars are assessed by a qualified cosmetic safety assessor.

Our Lemon conditioner bar, showing a wrapped and unwrapped bar. An exfoliating bag to the side of the conditioner bars

Conditioner Bar

Introducing our gentle, nourishing conditioner bar - perfect for all hair types! Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamin Pro B5 work together to reduce breakages, split ends, frizziness and friction. Our naturally scented conditioner bars are free from plastic and manufactured chemicals

Hydration shampoo bars sitting on a shiny colourful surface. Pink flowers used as decorations on top of the lavender shampoo bar

Hydrate Shampoo bar

Our Hydrate Shampoo bars are enriched with conditioning ingredients to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. Including Shea Butter and Vitamin Pro-B5, our shampoo bars are enough to wash your hair on their own!

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Shampoo bar variant / Essential Oils

Take a look at our range of conditioner bars, each with its own unique scent from essential oils. We use essential oils to naturally improve your hair and skin, so you can get the most out of your conditioner bar!

Sweet orange - Known to soothe itchy scalp and skin. With its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil will help with damaged skin or scalp, reducing the need to touch your head.

Lemon- Known for its clean citrus scent this essential oil balances out the scalps sebum production and cuts grease. A brilliant bar for oily hair. 

Peppermint- Another great oil for reducing oily hair, it increases circulation overall improving hair growth. With an added bonus of a nice cooling effect.

Lavender- Moisturises dry scalp and increases circulation. Protects and improves hair whilst providing a calming experience.

Eucalyptus- Improves hair health by promoting hair growth and relieving itchy scalps.

Tea Tree- Improves circulation allowing nutrients to reach hair follicles, balancing the pH level of the scalp - stimulating hair growth. Soothes itchiness and reduces dandruff and flaking. Also reduces excess oil production.

How to use a conditioner bar

A conditioner bar provides and replenishes moisture back to your hair, typically after a wash. As such, a conditioner bar does not have any active bubbles or lather ingredients. The conditioner bar job is to moisturise and not wash away the moisture and good oils from your hair. 

Ensure your hair is wet, and rub the conditioner bar through your hair. Using your fingers, rub in the conditioner. You will notice the conditioner bar will not lather, but creates a nice silky smooth like cream. For best results, leave the conditioner on your hair for a minute and then rinse.

Using a shampoo bar is almost the same, except that a shampoo bar will create a nice bubbly lather. You can read more in our blog.

How to store a conditioner bar

Keep them away from running water to prolong life. Put aside preferably on a soap rack and allow to air dry. Unopened conditioner bars should be stored away in a dark and cool area away from humidity.

Ingredients of our conditioner bars

Our gentle conditioner bar is made with a combination of hair nourishing ingredients, that softens and moisturises your hair. Each conditioner bar contains Shea butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamin Pro B5. These ingredients reduces hair breakages, split ends, frizziness and friction. Allowing a smoother brushing and styling experience. 

Our conditioner bars are naturally scented with pure essential oils. No chemically manufactured perfume are used in our conditioner bars

All conditioner bars are assessed by a qualified cosmetic safety assessor

Conditioner bars are great for..

Travel. Our conditioner bar comes in a generous 60g bar. They are extremely light to take with you on your travels without all the extra water and plastic weighing you down.

Easy to take to the gym, a conditioner bar will be a great companion to your workout gear.

Switching to a conditioner bar is a sustainable option too.

Gift sets

Shop our curated gift bundle that includes collaborating with local businesses for the perfect self-care relaxation. Each gift box is decorated with eco-friendly washi tape, easily removable allowing reuse of the box.

Set includes:

- Turmeric & Orange Soap 120g

- 90g Everyday Shampoo bar

- 48g Matching conditioner bar

- Set of 3 reusable pads 

- Candle

- Gift Bag

  • 3 unwrapped conditioner bars

    What Makes a Good Conditioner Bar

    To replenish the hair and scalp of good & natural oils and moisture, you will often find Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and other oils within the ingredients. Not only do these oils have their own benefits and vitamins, but they will normally be combined with other Vitamins or Proteins to revive hair and provide strength and sometimes volume. 

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  • Hydrate shampoo bars with a wooden spoon of shea butter

    Shea butter shampoo bar

    Why do we include Shea butter in our Hydrate Shampoo bar?

    We chose to use Shea butter in our Hydrate Shampoo Bars (Shampoo for Dry Hair) and conditioner bars as it’s a natural conditioning agent. Our Everyday shampoo bars contains conditioning ingredients already but we wanted to develop a bar specifically for dry hair.

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  • A girl running her hair through her soft, silky straight hair

    Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair

    What is it? Exactly as the name suggests. Oil extracted from almonds.

    Used in our conditioner bars - this nourishing ingredient can soften and strengthen your hair.

    It’s full of protein, fatty acids and Vitamin E and used for many purposes.

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  • Krystle

    I would recommend Washla to anyone considering making the switch to shampoo/conditioner bars, as these have no transition period!


  • Justine

    Have been using the shampoo and conditioner bars for about a year and a half now, and i love them. I need to wash my hair less, its less frizzy and generally healthier


  • Faye

    I use Washla shampoo and conditioner bars and can not imagine using anything else now.