Eucalyptus tree taken at our local garden centre

Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

Where to find Eucalyptus?

These distinctive smelling trees are native to Australia and is now found all around the world. The fast growing trees are widely planted in parks and gardens. And who would have thought is possible to grow in the UK too! 

It was great to see that our local Garden Centre (Pohill) in Kent sells established Eucalyptus trees in pots. 

What is their appearance? 

Younger plants with baby leaves are blueish green, oval and stemless whilst adult leaves can be best identified as green, long and slim hanging downwards from a single stalk. Each leaf will grow between 7-10cm and taper to a point. 

Eucalyptus Oil

This can only be produced from adult leaves, when crushed produces a distinctive aroma. It is described as a “woody-sweet scent”. The leaves are steam distilled to extract the oil from them. Eucalyptus, has a long history of wide uses - such as medicinal purposes, repellents, antiseptics, and fragrances. 

Based on traditional medicines they were used to treat coughs associated with the common cold and to relieves muscle pains. These are widely included in popular over the counter medicines such as Vicks and contain a small percentage along with other ingredients suppressing coughs.

The Australian aborigines used Eucalyptus leaves to prevent infection and treat wounds. Today these are diluted and used to fight inflammation of the skin. There are many creams and ointments that contain this natural oil.

My favourite use for this oil is to keep mosquitos away! Yes they hate the smell. Whilst DEET is the most common and strongest form of insect repellent, it’s made from harsh chemicals and not very pleasant at all with a suffocating smell. 

Our Eucalyptus scented shampoo bars and conditioner bars have a small percentage of Eucalyptus oil in them to keep them away. This is particularly handy when traveling to countries plagued by mosquitos and insects. Using Eucalyptus is a more natural way to protect ourselves. 

How does Eucalyptus benefit hair health, and why we use it in our Shampoo bars? 

Eucalyptus oil with its wealth of healing benefits can also benefit us using it on our scalps. 

  • Stimulates hair follicles - which is responsible for hair colour, growth and hair texture.
  • Improves hair health - producing stronger hair and reducing breakages
  • Promotes hair growth - say no more! 
  • Relieves itchy scalp - reducing any inflammation and overgrowth of yeast causing itching and flakes. 
  • Treat head lice - they just hate eucalyptus! 

Containing antifungal and antiseptic properties it can be used as an anti-dandruff treatment. I highly recommend this oil or Tea Tree for itchy scalps and getting rid of dandruff.

Have you ever tried Eucalyptus infused shampoo bars? Head over to our page to take a look at a range of naturally scented shampoo bars.

Eucalyptus Solid Shampoo Bar


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