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Turmeric Soap Bars

Turmeric Soap Bars

Turmeric has been well studied and documented on its positive benefits, especially when consuming it (love it in a good curry). But what about when combining it into our everyday hygiene practices, like adding it to your soap bar?

Turmeric powder arrives from the plant “Curcuma longa” and it is related to the Ginger family. It is the root of the plant when heated, dried, and grounded makes the powder we are all familiar with. The powder has a distinct yellow-orange colour and a slightly peppery warm aroma.

Turmeric has a natural chemical called curcumin, which is known to reduce swelling and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As for the skin benefits of Turmeric, more studies are being conducted on the benefits of applying Turmeric to the skin, however, it is widely believed that due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it can provide a natural glow to your skin.

With all that in mind, it seems like a no-brainer to add a little Turmeric to your Soap Bar recipe.

Benefits of Turmeric Soap

Turmeric has sparked a lot of interest and understanding the positive benefits through modern scientific studies are increasing. The current thoughts around the various benefits are:

  • Aids healing of wounds due to the anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduce Acne and Scars as the anti-inflammatory properties reduces acne effects & scarring
  • Aid your natural skin glow, giving your skin a gentle sheen or a soft glow.

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How to Make Turmeric Soap

You use pretty much any of your favourite Soap recipes, and use a small amount of Turmeric powder. The great thing about using Turmeric in your soap recipe, it acts as a gentle colouring without adding any artificial colouring. Mix this with your favourite essential oils, we pair ours with Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

All our Soap Bars are cold pressed, and we formulate our soaps to be bubbly, hard and cleansing. We mix a pinch of Turmeric Powder and a couple of drops of Sweet Orange Essential oil.

The core ingredient we use for our Turmeric Soap is as follows:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Where to buy our Turmeric Soap with Sweet Orange Essential Oil?

You can find our Soap bars by following this LINK HERE
Turmeric Soap with Sweet Orange Essential Oil

How much Turmeric is in Washla soap bars?

There is a fine balance in terms of adding the correct proportion of ingredients into soap. As much as we like to include more of some ingredients, we need to ensure that the end product of the soap bar still has the qualities of a good soap bar.

The core ingredients of our Turmeric soap bars are of course the Oils. We use Coconut Oil and Shea butter as the main component of our Turmeric soap bars. We also add Sweet Orange Essential oil, which not only smells delicious but is also known for its soothing effect on irritated skin. To read more about the essential oils that we use in our soap bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, visit here.

We use pure Turmeric powder at the very last stage of the soap-making process. Turmeric gives our soap bars a distinctive soothing orange colour. With the Sweet Orange Essential oil, they work and look perfect together. For each batch of our Turmeric soap bars, we use 2% of pure Turmeric powder. We want to take the full benefits of using Turmeric, while at the same time, not colouring your skin with the Turmeric powder.

All our Turmeric soap bars are assessed by a qualified cosmetic safety assessor. This is to ensure that all our recipes are always safe and comply with both UK and EU regulations.
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