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Zero Waste Shopping!

This has become super exciting to see how many of these zero waste, plastic free shops are popping up all over the UK. Hopefully becoming more popular and trendy. 

Many of us are all too familiar with the one stop shop. We visit out local Sainsburys or Tescos to get most of our basic essentials along with sometimes many other unnecessary items that get thrown into the trolley. Leading to unnecessary excess waste and a lighter wallet/bank account. 

When launching Washla, my first task was to contact all zero waste shops to see if they could stock our shampoo bars. I wasn’t that optimistic as I really hadn’t seen one at all even though they do exist! To my surprise there were a decent few. Where we are based in Kent there were 7! Not loads but more than I had expected. London came top with having the most. 

3 jars with nuts and popcorns stacked on a shelf

We are still far off from all being able to shop plastic free but these shops offer all your basics needs under one roof. As the concept is generally still quite new it’s a wonderful experience walking in with your containers and coming out knowing you’ve not accumulated extra plastic waste that may or may not be recycled. I for one hate tripping over my own recycling sacks in the kitchen. It’s depressing that much of what I put in the weekly recycling collection probably does not get recycled as the UK only recycle less than 8%. The rest gets shipped off to developing countries, dumped in landfill or incinerated. 

These are just two eco-directory sites I found on Google that can help you find your local zero waste or eco store. www.ecothriftyliving.com www.thezerowaster.com 

You might be surprised there could be one, more local than you think. 

What is more cool is in all the eco facebook groups I am in. Many have asked for the opinions of others, what they think of mobile low waste vans. Like an ice-cream van but selling plastic free essentials or refillable items. Reactions were overwhelmingly positive. That would just be my dream, the whole supermarket coming to my doorstep instead! Well I know it is like getting an online delivery slot but it’s nice being able to support a small business.

a purple camper van parked on a stoned road
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