Pumpkin carved up for halloween

What to do with leftover Pumpkin?

As Halloween approaches again, we want to change our focus on other areas where we can make a slight impact on reducing waste. Throughout the year, we are normally in full swing creating our shampoo bars, as well as our conditioner bars. It is always satisfying working out the number on how many plastic bottles we have reduced, as well as trying to grow our business.

“Every year 10 million pumpkins are grown in the UK, of those 95% are used at Halloween - creating 18,000tonnes of food waste.” 


In our day-to-day life, we have made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of food waste we produce too. As a mother of 2 children, we know how important it is to keep them busy and enjoy times like Halloween. Both my son and daughter love carving pumpkins, being creative, and lighting a candle for other children to enjoy. 

We have never tried Pumpkin until very recently. There are plenty of online recipes you could search for.

For those who dislike; there are a couple of other ways to use them up! 

  • Use as planters - After using it as your festive decoration, carve out the insides and place some soil about a third full of the pumpkin followed by your plant with some more soil to hold it in place. Dig a small hole and place the whole thing in and as the pumpkin decomposes it will fertilise your plant.  If you’re not green fingered then maybe offer it to your neighbours or see if your local garden centre would like to reuse them. 
  • Feed wildlife - If you don’t want it the animals will. Birds, squirrels, badgers and foxes will happily feast on leftover flesh and seeds.
  • Turn it into a serving dish - Brush some vegetable oil on the insides and bake at 350degrees for about 30mins and then you can show off at the dinner table. If you have one whole pumpkin you could serve soups. You could cut them into multiple dishes and serve dips. 

Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween Pumpkin


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