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Washla's Product Range

We first started Washla with a single Shampoo bar. Our shampoo bar is gentle on your hair, scalp, and skin; A great all-rounder for everyday use. 

Our conditioner bars followed and became a great addition to our Everyday shampoo bar.

We had a few requests that a single conditioning shampoo bar would be great. So, after testing and trailing out a new recipe for a hydrating shampoo bar, we introduced our Hydrate shampoo bars.

The Everyday shampoo bars, the Hydrate shampoo bars, and our conditioner bars come in six scented variations.

Lavender, Eucalyptus, Charcoal and Tea Tree, Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint.

We only use natural essential oils to fragrance our shampoo and conditioner bars. Essential oils are also beneficial to your hair, scalp, and skin.

Please see my blog here and why we used these. 

All Washla shampoo bars and conditioner bars contain Vitamin Pro B5, which is essential for hair health.

Everyday Shampoo Bar - For All Hair Types

The Everyday Shampoo Bars comes in two sizes, a 60g and a 90g bar. 

All ingredients were carefully hand-selected to provide a gentler cleaning experience while being effective to wash and hydrate your hair and scalp at the same time. 

We use only natural ingredients to scent and colour our shampoo bars. Natural essential oils to fragrance, and a pinch of mica powder to colour. Our popular Tea Tree and Charcoal shampoo bars contain Charcoal powder, which has amazing cleaning properties and provides a distinctive charcoal grey colour.

We do not use any chemically manufactured perfume or colouring in our shampoo and conditioner bars, or within our other range of products.

The Everyday Washla shampoo bar is suitable and works amazingly for everyone. Just select the scent and enjoy!


Six scented shampoo bars with different colours


Hydrate Shampoo bars

Washla Everyday Shampoo bar became our best seller. We wanted to extend the success of this shampoo bar, and cater for people with drier or damaged hair.

We understood that certain hair types requires different amount of conditioning. For example, curly hair requires additional hydrating as curly hair can be drier.

The Hydrate shampoo bar was developed, with extra moisturising and conditioning while ensuring a great wash to your hair.

We added Shea Butter, a natural conditioning agent. Shea butter not only replenish the moisture and essential oils back into your hair; It contains Vitamin A and E. Read more about all the benefits of using Shea butter in your shampoo bar, click here.

We didn't stop there, we added further conditioning agent so that your hair can retain more water and beneficial oils from the Shea butter. Our Hydrate shampoo bar can be used as a shampoo and conditioner all-in-one.

You can try our Hydrating Shampoo bar by following this link.

  Washla's hydrate shampoo bars wrapped in coffee paper.

Hydrate Shampoo bars comes in a generous 90g size only. 

Conditioner Bars 

Like our shampoo bar, our conditioner bar is every much like your liquid conditioner but without the extra water.

We have created a conditioner bar that is rich and creamy, with added Shea butter and Sweet Almond oil. Enriched with Vitamin Pro-B5 and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein for maintenance of healthy hair. 

To read more about Sweet Almond oil, and why we included this in our conditioner bars, visit this article we wrote.

Scented with natural essential oils, there are six fragrant scent variants to choose from.

Your hair will be softer, hydrated, while reducing frizziness and friction; Allowing a smoother brushing and styling experience.

Each conditioner bar will last between 2- 3 standard bottles of liquid conditioner.

To find out more about our conditioner bar, we have an article here all about conditioner bar and how to use them.

Try our conditioner bar by visiting our shop page here.

2 conditioner bars on a soap rack

Turmeric Soap Bars

We extended our range to include this turmeric soap bar. Besides shampoo and conditioner bars, we wanted a range of soap bars that lather well, cleans, and have beneficial ingredients.

We have been huge fans of Turmeric for many years, from using it in food and as well as topical use.

Our Turmeric soap bars contain a generous 2% of pure Turmeric powder. The ingredients of the soap bar mainly contain Coconut oil and Shea butter. We added Sweet Orange essential oil when combined with the Turmeric powder, they provide a range of benefits. To read more about the essential oils we use on our bars, visit here.

To read more about the benefits of having Turmeric in our soap bars, visit our blog on this subject here.

If you are interested in trying our Turmeric Soap bar, you can shop here.

A fresh batch of turmeric soap bars
Each Turmeric soap bar are generously cut and averagely weighs in at 120g per bar.

Gift sets, Concrete dishes, and other Accessories

We created a Gift set box for those who want to treat themselves or treat others. You will find a collection of all our popular products, from shampoo bars to conditioner bars, scented candles, and our Turmeric soap bar.

Washla shampoo and conditioner bars gift set

You can find our gift set here.

And while you are here, check out our ever growing accessories from Concrete dish to muslin soap bags.

View our accessory collection here.

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