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Preparing and packing for a trip or holiday is already stressful, and worrying about your toiletries is something we can all do without, especially on extended periods away from home.

If you are travelling by air, the extra hassle of limiting liquids in your cabin bags means any liquid toiletries will need to be checked in, which is not ideal for shorter trips where a cabin bag is all that is required.

Travelling with shampoo or a body wash can be a headache, worrying about the bottle leaking into your suitcase and wasting valuable space in your toiletry bag.

The easiest, most effective and environmentally friendly is bringing along to your travels a shampoo bar.

Shampoo bars are a great alternative to liquid shampoos and will provide all the benefits and more compared to your current shampoos. Shampoo bars are solid-form bars that are becoming increasingly popular among travellers. They're easy to pack, leak-proof, and often made with natural, gentle ingredients on your hair and scalp. A shampoo bar is the perfect travel shampoo.

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Here are some benefits of using a shampoo bar on your travels.

Size Matters!

Utilising and taking advantage of all available space in our luggage is always a balancing act. We want to ensure we have all our essentials, favourite clothes, shoes and accessories.

They're space-efficient: Shampoo bars are small and lightweight, making them perfect for packing in your carry-on or backpack. They require very little space and reduce around 5 - 10 times the size of a bottle of liquid shampoo, giving you more room for other essentials.

Shampoo bars come in various sizes; the most standard sizes come in about 50g to 100g. Your typical small liquid shampoo bottles come in about 300g to 500g, making travelling with liquid shampoo much heavier and bulkier. Due to its size and weight, a shampoo bar is perfect as a travel shampoo, and you can even carry it into the cabin as it contains no liquids.

Plastic Free!

They're environmentally friendly. Shampoo bars are often packaged in biodegradable or compostable packaging, making them a more sustainable option than traditional liquid shampoos.

You will save 2 - 3 plastic bottles for every shampoo bar.

To read more about the need to reduce plastic consumption, you can do so here.

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Body Wash / Shower gel

They're versatile! Shampoo bars can also be used as a body wash or shaving cream, making shampoo bars a great multi-purpose product that can save you space and money. Using a shampoo bar as a body wash will save more space in your bags, remove more plastic and still provide a great wash - an all-in-one travel shampoo bar.

Great for your hair!

They're gentle on your hair and scalp. Many shampoo bars are made with natural ingredients like natural essential oils and plant-based oils that nourish and moisturise your hair and scalp. Shampoo bars are gentle to your hair, skin and scalp and beneficial for those with sensitive skin or scalp conditions.


Shampoo bars can last just as long as a bottle of liquid shampoo, if not longer. On average, a 60g shampoo bar lasts 40 - 50 washes. They lather easily, allowing you to use less product per wash.

When using a shampoo bar, it's important to store it in a dry place between washes to extend its lifespan. You can also use a soap dish with drainage or a slatted wooden soap saver to help the bar dry more quickly.

Overall, shampoo bars are a convenient and eco-friendly option for travellers looking to simplify their toiletry bags and reduce their environmental impact. Give them a try on your next trip and see how they work for you!

We here at Washla have formulated a range of shampoo bars to suit most hair types. Browse our collection, and you will find your perfect bar. You can choose from 2 sizes (60g and 90g), making these an ideal companion for your travels. 

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